[Sector 1]
Tower of Zeno
Arched niches church
City gates
Southeastern line of defense

[Sector 2]
The Church of Saint Volodymyr
Ancient square
Main street
House of the 4th - 3rd cc. BC
Eastern basilica
Cave church
Uvarov basilica
Sixbased church
Northern basilica
Residential block and chapel
Kruze basilica
Artillery battery
Church in block 7

[Sector 3]
City cistern complex
Fourapsed church
Western line of defense
Reliquary church
Fiveapsed church

[Sector 4]
House with winepress
Fishsalting cisterns
1935 basilica
1932 basilica
Basilica in the basilica
Arched church
Basilica on the hill
Western basilica
Defensive moat and gate
Residential blocks
Necropolis of the first cc. AD

Main Street

The Main street. Modern veiw.

        The main street of Chersonesos crosses the city at a southwest-northeast axis and is 900 meters long (uncovered so far) and 6.5 meters wide. On both sides of the street there were 14 blocks of similar dimension. Each block consisted of several buildings, usually four in number. In antiquity there were blocks which consisted of only one building covering their entire areas.
        The regular plan of the city can best be seen in the northwestern region where it has remained unchanged from antiquity. Narrow longitudinal streets ran parallel to the wide main street and were crossed by perpendicular streets measuring 4-4.5 meters in width.
        The main street ended at a square by the edge of the sea. The square was paved with large cut stone slabs and was entered through arched gates. In the ancient period a temple was located in the east at a sharp angle to the square.

The main street of Chersonesos in antiquity. Reconstruction

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