Conservation of Monuments

Conservation of Monuments

       The term conservation refers to efforts geared toward preventing the damage or loss of museum exhibits. Excavations at Chersonesos have unearthed remains of ancient buildings which have become open-air exhibits. Because these monuments were covered with soil for centuries, it takes a great deal of work to prepare them for exhibit and to protect them from the elements. Mortar disintegrates in the course of time, a circumstance which results in loosely-fastened stones and weak walls. Conservation measures secure the old constructions and then restoration can take place. Restoration is the act of repairing an object or structure close to its original state. A collapsed wall might be reassembled, a fallen block or column lifted in place.

       There are different methods of securing masonry and techniques of their restoration. The arts of conservation and restoration have their own methodologies, hypotheses, problems and solutions.
       Conservation and restoration in Chersonesos at its best can be viewed at the southeastern section of the defensive walls.

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