Decree honoring Diophantos

Inscription honoring the emperor Zeno

Civic Oath of Chersonesos

Decree honoring Syriskos the historian

Base of statue for Agasikles

Proxeny decree for an ambassador from Mithridates Eupator

Decree honoring ambassadors from Herakleia

Base of statue for Aristonos

Treaty of alliance with the king Pharnakes I

List of those who won sport competitions

Inscription about the tax on prostitution

Fragment of a decree about the fortress of Napites

Inscription about construction of a city gate

Dedication to the goddess Nemesis

Inscription regarding the liberation of Kalos Limen

Decree honoring the emperor Marcus Aurelius

Decree honoring Gaius Julius Satyrus

Proxeny for a citizen of Sinope

Epitaph in verse on stele for Xanthos

Inscription on the stele set up by doctor

Epitaph in verse on stele for Oinanthe

Short epitaphs

Epitaph in verse on the stele set up by doctor

Original publication and commentary by Solomonik

This limestone stele is broken into six fragments. Under the cornice, medical instruments are represented in paints: forceps, cupping glass, and pincers); below are two male figures, with inscription in verse under them. The monument was excavated in 1969 from the stonework of defensive walls.

Dated to the late 4th or early 3rd century B.C.


"This tomb honors Leschanoridas
from Eukles, doctor, who gave birth to him, of Tenedos".


In the same place, another stele was found, for a doctor, of the same period, with badly preserved image of medical instruments and short inscription under cornice: "Dionysios son of Pantagnotos".

Tenedos is an island in the Aegean Sea, at the shores of Troad (at present it is a possession of Turkey).

Translation by © N. Khrapunov.

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