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Версия страницы на май 2015 г. Актуальную информацию ищите на официальном сайте ФГБУК «Государственный историко-археологический музей-заповедник «Херсонес Таврический».

        All exhibition in Chersonesos are permanent. Temporary exhibitions are still a rare phenomenon. The main object to see is ancient Chersonesos itself as an open air museum. The founder of our museum, Karl Kostsyushko-Valyuzhinich thought it necessary to demonstrate ancient artifacts at place where found. Thus he created the Warehouse of Local Antiquities, the forerunner of modern museum displays.

        Today’s exhibitions are located in monastery buildings from the mid-nineteenth century: the Ancient History Department is in the former refectory, and the Mediaeval History Department in the former abbot’s house church and rooms. In the museum rooms visitors can do “chronological ascension”: the excursion starts in the ancient hall and continues in mediaeval thus enveloping two thousand years of Chersonesos. Excavated territory could be viewed before the museum displays or after them: here the chronology is mixed so that it could hardly be understood without a guide.

Visit our exhibitions:

Ancient hisory >>  >>
(temporary close for reconstruction)
Ancient hall
Medieval hall <<  Medieval history

(on the second floor of the building)
Site of the city of Chersonesos   >> Site

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