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Excursions (Guided tours)

        Although those who love walking melancholically alone the ruins alone will find this information unnecessary, curious visitors could find here a list of excursion to be ordered by phones +7 (8692) 92 23 82 or purchases on site, in the cash desk near the main entrance.

        With the excursion ticket you can get acquainted with all at once (this is called sightseeing excursion) or select objects that are especially interesting to you. For each excursion its approximate length is indicated, though you can always change it as you like.

"TAURIC CHERSONESOS: EXCAVATIONS AND MUSEUM" - sightseeing excursion, about 80 minutes long.

"MEDIAEVAL CHURCHES IN CHERSONESOS" - тематическая экскурсия по раскопкам. thematic excursion of the excavations, about 90 minutes long.

"ART OF ANCIENT CHERSONESOS" - thematic excursion in the exhibition hall of Greco-Roman history, about 60 minutes long.

"HISTORY OF ST. VLADIMIR’S MONASTERY IN CHERSONESOS" - thematic excursion on the site of the ancient city, about 60 minutes long.

"MEDIEVAL FORTRESS OF CEMBALO" - visiting trip to the area of Balaklava, duration as agreed.

"FLORAL WORLD OF CHERSONESOS" - excursion interesting both to the children and to the adults, about the trees and bushes in the area of Chersonesos, about 60 minutes long.

For children:

"HOW CAN WE LEARN OF THE DISTANT PAST" - thematic excursion for junior school students about 45 minutes long.

"CHERSONESOS – ANCIENT GREEK STATE IN THE TERRITORY OF OUR FATHERLAND" - thematic excursion for the 6th year students of the secondary school about 45 minutes long.

"HISTORY OF MEDIEVAL CHERSONESOS" - thematic excursion for the 7th year students about 45 minutes long.

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