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In 1892 the archaeological museum was founded on the territory of the ancient city. Today the About Chersonesos is an important academic and cultural institution.

Total area of the preserve is about 500 hectares. The core of the preserve's complicated profile is the museum with its display including three modern types of museums: archaeological, historical, and typological. The permanent exhibition of the museum is displayed in two buildings, corresponding to two historical periods, Greco-Roman and mediaeval.

The site of the ancient city of Chersonesos and medieval fortresses of Kalamita and Cembalo are independent open-air displays. The museum collection includes more than 200,000 exhibits, a great deal of which are unique.

According to the tasks given to the Preserve team including discovery, preservation, and popularisation of archaeological monuments, the Preserve has departments of ancient history, of mediaeval history, of architecture and archaeology, of research and education, of preservation and protection of monuments, of museum storage, and of scientific restoration. Besides that, the Preserve has its archive and library.

All the departments are staffed with highly qualified and enthusiastic specialists. Eight employees are candidates of sciences, though ten persons are doing their dissertations. The general director of the Preserve Leonid Zhunko is the president of G. Cherkashin Non-Profit Foundation and the full member of the International Informatization Academy, he is awarded with Ukrainian order “For the Service to Homeland” 3rd class.

The unique nature of the monuments of Chersonesos and the team of skilled experts made the Preserve a base for practical training of pupils and students. During 2011 excavation season, Chersonesos became a place of practical studies of pupils from Kiev and Kharkov, Moscow and Saint Petersburg and of students from leading universities of Ukraine and Ruddia, including Moscow State and Kiev National, Kharkov National and Urals Federal,Sevastopol Branch of Saratov University and other educational establishment.

In recent years, Chersonesos has raised interest from overseas specialists. Foreign media publishes materials about it more often than before, and presentations on the investigations in Chersonesos are made in international conferences. The areas included into Chersonesos Preserve are excavated by expeditions organized in cooperation with foreign colleagues: the Institute of Classical Archaeology of the University of Texas at Austin (under the direction of professor Joseph Coleman Carter), the University of Warsaw (headed by professor Tadeusz Sarnowski), and the University of Poznan, Poland (leaded by professor Andrzej Biernadski).

The unique preservation of the ancient city and its popularity as an object of tourism were the background to nominate Tauric Chersonesos and its chora to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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