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Anyone who visits Chersonesos usually likes to imagine how did this city neighborhood look like in the period when the Greek colony was founded or much later, in the Middle Ages, and to free mentally the neighboring hills and valleys of modern constructions and traces of this day farming. Where was the temple where Iphigenia served as a priestess? Which were the "cave towns", inhabited by Christians? Who were the strangers assaulting the walls of Chersonesos or, conversely, peacefully trading in this city markets?

We are trying to answer these and some other questions on the pages of the section below. The history of the tribes and peoples who neighbored Chersonesos from the extreme antiquity onwards is the best source to get ideas about the outlying areas of this city in Classical period. The names of different places in the north-west Crimea do not change from the Middle Ages, thus keeping memories of medieval towns and fortresses.

We hope that such a virtual tour will entice you to take a real trip to the Crimea this summer or in a year. Chersonesos and its outlying areas await you!

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