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Версия страницы на май 2015 г. Актуальную информацию ищите на официальном сайте ФГБУК «Государственный историко-археологический музей-заповедник «Херсонес Таврический».

The museum of Chersonesos is much younger than the excavations at the site. Established in 1892, its exciting history reflects the social interest to museums in general and Chersonesos in particular.

The National Preserve was created in 1978 on the basis of the former Archaeological and Historical Museum of Chersonesos. The main goals of the Preserve include the protection and study of Chersonesos and its environs, namely the ancient agricultural territory of the chora, the medieval fortresses of Kalamita and Cembalo, and numerous archaeological sites within the administrative region of Sevastopol. Outreach to the public is another aim of the Preserve.

Collections are the backbone of every museum. For more than 100 years the collections of the museum at Chersonesos have consisted of the archaeological finds from the ancient city and its outlying areas, many of which are on permanent display.

The exposition of the museum displays only a small part of the collections, but these items are the museum's most impressive and important objects, which illustrate the history of Chersonesos, its religion, culture, and the daily life of its population. Along with the traditional exhibit halls of the museum there is an open-air exposition, which consist of the archaeological ruins of the city with its streets, houses, and churches fortunately spared from modern development.

Even those who prefer getting acquainted with the site on their own usually order excursions offered through the Chersonesos museum, which provide information about the life of the Chersonesites not readily gleaned from the archaeological structures themselves. Another important fact is that the excursions are provided exclusively by research assistants.

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